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  1. Never mind. 😀 On BassChat and elsewhere I got some helpful hints that some here might like to see: - Alhambra - Alvarez - Camps - Cordoba - Ricardo Sanchis - Takamine - Taylor - Yamaha
  2. Any advice available for competitors to the Yamaha CG122 and CG192 that are good? Here in Norway, we can't get Alvarez, but some Cordoba C models are available online. I think they're quite good, but can't be tested. I feel the CG192 is a safe bet, but it's slightly outside the budget, whilst the CG122 might be a bit amateurish, but I don't really know. Any dark horse I should know about? Oh, it's for a beginner who just wants a nice instrument. Cutaway and preamp not required, but not looked down upon either. Thanks, folks!
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