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  1. Some more, as promised... [/URL A couple of 80’s oddities... the Hohner belongs to a friend of mine, and although he’s refused to sell it to me since he first bought it in the late 80’s, I’m currently ‘looking after it’ for him. The other is a Fender HM Strat that had no headstock logo when I acquired it. I had a set of decals made up in a recognisable font, and reckon it looks pretty cool. Having a couple of issues with it at present as the string lock bolts have stripped and I can’t use a hex key on them. Gonna have to get them slotted or something. And, for the sake of completeness (in the meantime) we have an EKO acoustic that I paid £3.00 for at a car boot sale many years ago, and an 80’s Yamaha SE203 that I picked up in a Crack Converters for £40..! It was hanging among the usual Encores and Staggs that were twice the price. A quick clean up and restring and it became my eldest’s first proper electric. Though it now lives with the my guitars as it makes for an awesome strat substitute. There’re others, but I can’t lay hands on them right now...
  2. Spent some time re-arranging the man cave/studio yesterday, so took the opportunity to take some quick pic’s of what was lying around... A couple of early 90’s Washburns. L to R it’s an MG-44 and an MG-40. Both were acquired by trading unwanted gear, and they satisfy my need for budget shredders. These two are my absolute favourites; a ‘96 Godin LGX-SA and a ‘99 LGX. The SA has electric, ‘acoustic’ and synth outputs, and the LGX has electric and ‘acoustic’, though I fitted a Roland GK3 so I can use both with my Roland GR33. SA has the original Godin Tetrad pickups, whereas the LGX has a Seymour Duncan Custom Custom in the Bridge and a Jazz in the neck. More to follow later...
  3. Who has 2 thumbs, and is a guitarist who prefers Basschat to the majority of muso forums..? This guy..! I'm excited by this, and hopeful it'll get me participating again. KotS
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