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Selmer Treble n Bass 50w valve head £295
Blackburn, Lancs

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Up for sale my old Selmer Treble n Bass 50w valve. I've hardly used it since I got it off another BC member and it had just had a full service. I decided to go onto in ears and straight into the PA and so, although greatly loved, I no longer need it. Plus I need to raise some cash for other shiny things (don't we all!).

Had it running through a pair of Ashdown cabs with a serialiser box (made by OBBM member BC'er which enables it to run 2x8 ohm cabs or runs at 8 or 16ohm on it's own). Phenomenally loud with the right cabs. I've stripped the tolex as it was knackered. It's been varnished and looks pretty good but not a professional job. I have the front grille but have removed it and replaced it with some black fabric. Looks good to my eyes but better in the flesh. Only issue is, I snapped the toggle on/off switch off! Still works as it's the toggle that broke, not the inner workings. Think the light will need changing too. I was quoted £25 to have the switch and connected light replaced.

£295 collected and I'll include the serialiser. If you want me to get the switch fixed then £325. If you are local feel free to come and try it out. Might be able to meet up depending on distance. Any questions please ask.






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Selmer Treble n Bass

Please could you let me know the source of the replacement toggle on/off switch for your Selmer Treble n Bass.

I have a slightly earlier model with the same problem and need to replace this switch but cannot find a source.

Would appreciate your help.

Have you sold yours?


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