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Custom Shop Heritage H-535 2008. Original Case. Sell or Trade for Acoustic

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This is a really nice 535.  It's in pretty much perfect condition, as is the case, other than two tiny marks on the top of the guitar which I've tried to highlight in the photos.  

The guitar was a custom order from the Custom Shop and was ordered with Seymour Duncan 59s but they really didn't suit the guitar so a pair of Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers were installed which is the pickup that Heritage installs on virtually all of its guitars now.  The Seth Lovers are probably the best pickups I have ever had in a semi, just a perfect match.

The tuners are, as far as I am aware, Grover 18:1 and the bridge and stop tail are both Tonepros.

The colour is really difficult to describe; Heritage describe it as Vintage Sunburst but it is much lighter than the standard dark sunburst.  Pretty close to a Gibson Larry Carlton 335.  It looks different in every light.

The guitar is set up beautifully and I have been using 11-50 but last time I re-strung I tried 10s and they work really well too.

The certificate is blank as it was a custom order.

I am having serious problems with my ears and am having to get hearings aids so have been told that I need to minimise any sort of noise or I will lose my hearing completely.  In light of this I am looking for an acoustic.  Would be very happy to trade for an acoustic, with or without a pickup, but definitely not a jumbo or a dreadnought.  Will consider an O, OO, OOO or an OM or anything similar.  Ideally spruce/rosewood but have an open mind although not a big fan of cedar.

Please let me know if you want more photos, I have loads on Imgur.

Looking for £1750 for a cash sale or would value it around the £2000 mark for a trade for an acoustic.  I am based in Cambridgeshire but would be happy to ship if that was necessary.




DSC01030 (1).JPG











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