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Kemper Profiler Head, Kemper Remote Footswitch and Kemper DI Box - immaculate.

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Kemper Profiler Head, Kemper Remote Footswitch and Kemper DI Box, immaculate, with commercial guitar and bass profiles

I've got this on Basschat too - check out my feedback over there is you have any concerns!


Kemper Profiler Head

This is the non power amp version. Latest OS 7.5 installed.

Immaculate condition, home use only. In original box.

I don't have time to play as much as I used to, so I've decided to downgrade :( 

Provided with all of the commercial guitar and bass profiles I have purchased (on a USB stick), as I will no longer need them:

Commercial Guitar profile packs:

  • Michael Britt - 1965 Vox AC30
  • Michael Britt - Dumble Pack
  • Michael Britt - Tweedy Pack
  • Michael Britt - Vintage Pack 1
  •  (plus a 1959 Fender Bassman pack)

Commercial Bass profile packs:

  • Rock Profiles - Ampeg SVT-CL Heritage
  • Rock Profiles - Darkglass B7K and the VintageUltra
  • Rock Profiles - Tech21 - SansAmp
  • FJA Mods - Fender Studio Bass
  • Choptones - Ampeg SVP-BSP Billy Sheehan signature
  • (plus Ampeg B15, Ampeg SVT and Markbass packs)

Plus a bunch of other profile packs I have collected:

  • Bluesbreaker
  •  EBS ValveDrive
  • Motor City Mods Ampeg
  • SWR
  • Tone Junkie Klon
  • Tone Junkie King of Tone


Kemper Profiler Remote and cable

Kemper Profiler Remote foot controller.

Immaculate condition, home use only. In original box.


  • Large, illuminated display
  • Housing is built like a tank.
  • Five buttons for Rig selection. Dedicated buttons to access the tuner, tap tempo and Looper
  • One-cable-solution. Cable can be up to 100meters long.
  • 4 additional pedals can be connected to Remote
  • Dimensions: 42cm (w) x 18cm (d) x 7,5cm (h) /16.54 x 7.09 x 2.95 Inch
  • Weight: 3 kg (7 pounds)


Kemper Profiler DI Box, immaculate condition, used once, home use only

The Profiler DI Box is optimised to create perfectly authentic Direct Amplifier Profiles of your amps.  No speaker simulation, no attenuation, no magnetics are colouring the sound. It's not suitable for other purposes. The Profiler DI-Box gets connected to the Profiler's XLR Return, offers galvanic isolation and can safely handle up to 500 watt amp power.

Immaculate condition, home use only. 












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