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Stub Mandrel

Tele upgrade Massive Cost:Benefit ratio!

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Back in the '80s I bought a Squier Indonesian Telecaster because my Hohner start got nicked.

Over the years I added a DiMarzio stacked humbucker my brother gave me, cheap Gotoh copy tuners (the Squier ones were truly awful) and lastly a genuine Fender Tele selector knob to replace the annoyingly round one. Most annoying has been the single-ply back scratchplate that looks like a bit of ring-binder cover.


This week I invested less than £15 on the bay to get a mint green scratchplate, vintage through body bridge and ferrules.

I also added some light relicing ... I think it looks great, downside I've had to order another £15 worth of strings and 'vintage' tuners.


Just need to work on my playing...

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Nicely done.

For now, I'#m very, very happy with my stock 2006 CIJ 71RI Tele, but if ever I could justify another, I'd probably look at finding a used Squier CP 50s Tele and having it rewired to Broadcaster specs, and maybe either a Squier Affinity or the equivalent Harley Benton Tele, pull the neck pickup, fit a vblank guard, switch the Bridge pup for something very ballsy, and wire it as an Esquier.

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