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Schaller floyd rose or original flloyd rose

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One of my bitsa guitars is fitted with licensed flloyd rose and it detunes when I use it. It is set up in a floating style and when I tense the strings with tremolo arm, I have to go in a diving bomb use to get the tuning back but it is nowhere close.

I have lock nut and locking tuners but the tuning does not keep.

I read that Schaller quality is as good as original flloyd rose tremolo but cheaper.

Any schaller users here to advice on the product or how to keep flloyd rose in tune after set up?

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It's a while since I had a one of these but I was into them a bit back in the day, and had 3 or 4 guitars in a row with them on. It's worth checking that the bridge is moving smoothly against the two studs, any small nicks and imperfections where the two meet and the bridge won't move smoothly. If that's happening you can try and smooth it off but it would be for the bin if it was mine - if it's the studs you might be able to replace them and keep the bridge. If it hinges smoothly, there's just the strings one side and the springs the other, for how much they cost you could try some new springs but I'd make sure it's moving properly first.

The Schaller one gets 5 stars on Thomann and should be a safe bet, but I've never had one.

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I've listened to any unusual sounds when pulling the trem. Ckick sound comes from the nut lock. Will check the studs too.

Thanks @adamg67

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