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Midlands bass (and guitar) bash 4/5/19

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Hello there, guitarchatters 

The current plans for the 2019 MBB are as such

It'll be held on may the 4th 2019 (star wars day) at Doveridge village hall (Sand Lane, Doveridge, DE6 5JQ)

Doveridge is relatively easy to access by train but there will be a short section needed to be done by taxi as the nearest station is Uttoxeter (a couple of miles down the A50)

A bus does run to doveridge but its reliability is questionable. Plenty of parking is available.

1pm-5pm (ish)

Theres a main hall with a stage and alphaprocreative will supply PA gear and a couple of spare bass rigs.

There is also a smaller room with a kitchen for tea and coffee. This will be used for talks and the such

A 5 pound entry fee on the day which will just pay for the room and any extra will go to basschat funds or a charity of basschats choice

Any cake is much appreciated and so is anyone wishing to show off basses, amps, effects or even guitars.

More information will be added of talks and attendees closer to the date.

Please contact me if you are interested in giving a talk or want to turn up early to set up anything

If you think you can make it, add your name to the list below unless you are already on the basschat list.

Cheers, Jamie 

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On ‎02‎/‎09‎/‎2018 at 18:24, jebroad said:


I thought I'd already added my name to this.  Anyway:


2.  Andyjr1515


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