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  1. Hi, I own and run www.scguitars.co.uk

    My ethos is to seek out and bring relatively unknown manafacturers to the UK market. Brands like Shijie are making incredible guitars, but people might not know about them, or dismiss them because they are Chinese or not Fender et al. The Shijie guitars are of a quality that would astound you, regardless of the price. Thats not a glib sales pitch, they are really awesome! Do some research. We also stock Monarch Pedals which are all hand made by a dude in New Zealand. Again, they are amazing quality, sound fabulous but you probably haven't heard of them. Please follow SC Guitars as we aim to bring more quality guitars and pedals to you throughout the next couple of years.

    1. MWH


      Hiya,  wishing you lots of success,   you're right tho, I've never heard of 'em.

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