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  1. Selling my TC Electronic Nova Modulator NM1, due to switching for modelling world. It has been gigged rather heavily, hence the wear and tear on the schasi but the pedal is fully functional and has some great modulations available.
  2. Selling this amazing Delay/Looper unit due to switching to modelling. The unit has 3 delay banks and a wide variety of delay types, and a tap tempo. The bottom 4 buttons are dedicated to the looper feature of the pedal, with 99 banks free to record your loops with tonnes of recording time available. Loops can also be imported/exported through USB. It is an amazing combination in one pedal which has never let me down, sadly I don't make use of it anymore, hope it can find its new happy owner. The pedal has been gigged and used heavily, hence the scratches on the schasi, but is fully functional.
  3. Selling my beloved Blackstar HT dual drive/distortion due to switching fully to modelling and digital world. The pedal's metal case has a few scratches, but is fully functional. Plus, quite recently, I changed the tube so it sounds like a beast and has a long life left. I can also throw in an extra tube that I have spare. The pedal has been gigged and use quite heavily, hence the scratches on the schasi, but otherwise is fully functional and sounds like a beast. If I didn't need money, I'd keep this for recording, to use as a drive before my amp models, it does that job rather fantastically too.
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