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  1. Nothing at all mate, I was meaning a better electric guitar. The Taylor is lovely.
  2. I am primarily a bass player but as we haven't gigged for years due to my job, I tend to spend most of my noodling time on guitar. I have a Blackstar combo and a Joyo distortion pedal. I am completely underwhelmed with the Joyo and wondered if anyone had any recommendations as to which distortion is best. I just want a nice warm distortion. Not too metal or fuzzy but something that gives a nice lead sound. I don't want to spend hundreds of pounds as I am just playing in the spare room but still want a decent sound. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which pedal is best?
  3. I have always had to travel 100 miles to Glasgow to find my nearest music shop. There used to be one locally but they tended to cater more for traditional music and have moved online only now anyway. The last few acquisitions I have bought were bought online sadly.
  4. This was the first guitar that I built. I wasn't too sure about getting a really nice finish, so I painted it and distressed it. I'm quite happy with it and it plays beautifully. Wilkinson pick ups. I bought the bits online and made it up but my next build is going to be a Les Paul from a kit. Im using the kit for the body and neck but I have ordered Wilkinson humbuckers and I will get electrics from KiOgon over on bass chat. I will keep you posted.
  5. Might I add? It's also a lot more fun and you feel that the guitar is a part of you rather than a shop bought item
  6. I should have done but I had destroyed the packaging and left feedback. I will do something with it as I do have a router. I just can't be bothered at the moment as I would have to buy other things like a table to clamp it, templates etc.
  7. It's hardly a build diary. I am merely trying to show the op that making a guitar can work out cheaper than buying a budget guitar.
  8. I have decided to build a Les Paul now. I bought a body from eBay but stupidly didn't double check the pictures and it has come without the pick up holes routed out or the inside tunnelling for the wiring. I have a router but having to buy templates and stuff kind of put me off so I have shelved that one for the time being and I bought a kit from Amazon. In my defence the same companies other bodies had the pick up holes routed. I just bought the wrong one. I have ordered a set of Wilkinson humbuckers from Amazon. The kit is purely to get a body and neck and I will replace all the hardware with better quality as I want and I will get a wiring loom from KiOgon.
  9. Thanks mate, sorry I haven't been on here for a while. The neck was just one I got from eBay. I put the decal on myself. I am never going to sell it as a Fender so wasn't bothered. The relic'ing I did myself and I didn't want to over do it, So as you say just a light touch. I bought the pick ups from KiOgon over on Basschat who does a great service if you are looking for any electrical hardware.
  10. I also have the problem of a West Coast of Scotland accent which doesn't lend itself well to talking through a mic. Especially as I also have a deep voice. I used to have to slightly put on a voice to try and be understood.
  11. Banter is when it's going back and forth. I can chat to anyone but as I say on stage where everyone else can hear it becomes harder. You are aware that you might say something that everyone laughs at or even worse if you say something funny that no one laughs at. If someone shouts out a funny comment and you cannot think of a humorous retort until half and hour later kind of thing.
  12. Honestly mate, it was way over the top. She was obsessed. I would send her maybe two emails week and she would bombard me with emails. I was single at the time so put up with it. Once her husband mailed me I was angry at his attitude because he blamed me and I had no idea she was married. I had never even met her. After I had calmed down I cut right down on the mails because frankly it was making me very uncomfortable. She was a bit of a nutter I think. To be so obsessed with someone she had never met and had only watched a couple of videos of us playing was creepy. I still have the bass right enough
  13. Tell me about it. My band mates would not believe me when I told them a girl I had never met had sent me a brand new P bass. I found it hard to swallow myself I mean it was WAY too much and made me feel quite ill. It got worse when her husband emailed me and called me for everything. I didn't even know she was married. It gave me an out right enough.
  14. Impossible to rehearse banter between yourself and punters. Its ok at a large concert venue but in a bar you can hear what people are saying in the "crowd".
  15. As I am primarily a bass player my guitar choices are simple. A Gibson Les Paul Standard sunburst,Gibson ES 335 pearl white, Gibson Firebird sunburst. As for amps and speakers it would have to be Marshall all the way.
  16. I had a girl that I got talking to from America. I never ever met her we just chatted online. Trouble is she got a bit over the top and serious to the extent that she asked me what my dream bass would be. Next thing I knew a brand new American Standard Fender Precision arrived. All custom charges were paid. I tried to give her the money for it but she categorically refused. When I met my current partner she wanted me to get rid of anything to do with my exes. When she found out about this girl, who I still emailed now and again mostly out of guilt, she demanded that I cease all communication. I did but have never told her which bass is the one that she sent as she would want me to sell it.
  17. Why don't you build a guitar? I built a Strat out of bits from Ebay. I bought the electrics from KiOgon over on Basschat which includes Wilkinson pickups I painted the body myself and set it up myself. It sounds amazing and cost a lot less than even a Squire Strat. Im going to do a Les Paul next.
  18. Just listen to some Korn. They have mastered the seven string guitar. They are actually tuned down to a low A
  19. We played bars most of the time so when we were in our heyday we would invariably have a few drinks. This would settle my nerves and strangely lubricate my throat for singing. I know that vocal teachers would say this is wrong but I found if I sang sober I would start to struggle after the first set. Stage fright was well gone by then, so I don't know what it was but a few pints would help me sing. Obviously if I got too pished my playing would suffer so it was a fine line. I feel for people who get stage fright because I got it bad unless we had everything rehearsed to the hilt.
  20. My brother in law is one because he can play any stringed instrument to a very high standard. He is left handed but learned right handed. He annoys me because he is that good. that him on the acoustic After that I would say Mark Tremonti because he is just amazing Lastly Slash purely for A- his sound and 2- his feeling!
  21. Who is the Cnut in the top hat? I'm assuming he's an original member by the way he is lording over proceedings and what's the point of him now as there are two other keyboard players who do much more than him anyway?
  22. I thought that was a picture of Chas and Dave!
  23. The last time I was practising, I was starting to get speed up with playing the rolls that are prevalent in Bluegrass music. Next thing Mrs Ubits son came through and closed over the door. Talk about being shut down without a word.
  24. I found that fingering the rest of the chord without the barre and then laying your index down afterwards was a good way to learn
  25. ubit

    How do I learn?

    Kudos to the points above. I was learning with a teacher and lets not beat around the bush, a one on one lesson face to face with a teacher is the best way to learn. Unfortunately, it's hard at the moment but things are opening up. My problem was my guitar teacher charged me £23 per lesson and spent most of it chatting to me about my job or my basses. I would get the last ten minutes of a lesson. My job doesn't allow me to plan far ahead now so I have to rely on online lessons. At least they don't chat to you and waste time!
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