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  1. Mint cherry sunburst 2013 All original with trem and moon inlays Fabulous build quality, player and sounds and very versatile with coil tap option and pickup configuration Tags & PRS hard case - a little tatty looking on the outside (stickers etc) but fine inside and all works Looking to sell for £1850 ovno but may entertain trades only for high end Superstrats like Suhrs, Tylers, Grosh, Xotic or possibly Music Man Lukes, but must be HSS pickup configuration and with a trem, but no Floyd Roses but locking machine heads fine
  2. I stripped and sold off bits of my Strat with the body being the only piece remaining. Offered, MIM Black Strat body from 1998 (date stamped) in good condition (trem, neck, tuners, pickups, scratchplate etc not included, but jack plate is) A couple of small dings on the sides but it's not through to the wood and although it looks like a mark on the front, at the bottom, it's not/wiped off Factory routed for a humbucker £120 PPG, Bank Transfer or Cash, including Special Delivery
  3. Hi everyone, I couldn't find a post on these and so I wanted to give you the heads up on them. A friend of mine is now the UK distributor for these and they're designed to work with modellers *(Helix, Kemper etc) - https://www.clearsoundmusic.co.uk/ I've heard the modellers mentioned being used with Atomic Cabs, RCFs, DRXs etc and they were ok, but I still thought there was something missing i.e. that real amp feel and response. Well, last week, I had a full day in the studio with one of the powered cabs and a Helix, Kemper and my own guitar and bass amps on hand for comparison. I was really impressed with the sound, response, clarity and clout with both bass and guitar when we put the respective modellers through the Red Sound and it sounded like an amp and it was a different experience to when I heard them previously through the other cabs, particularly the very good DRXs. On this occasion, it sounded almost 3D-like and not directional at all and the sound dispersion is excellent. The Helix through one of these was particularly impressive. Another friend who uses an Atomic had one brought down for his gig (theatre show with a rock band), tried it in the soundcheck for the first time and used it on the night and it sounded superb. As it matched, and surpassed in some instances, my own bass and guitar amps, which were a Divided by 13 & 2x12, a Fender Rumble and Roland Bass Cube 120XL (SWR Model), I might be ready to dip my toe into the World of Modelling, but not fully yet. I figure a Helix Stomp is a great place to start as I can put it on my board, integrate it and have it replacing my delay, modulation and other fx. However, it then offers an amp backup, too but also a chance for me to start trying/using it as my amp for bass and guitar and that's when the Red Sound will come into play. Seriously, this is an impressive bit of kit where I could hear the difference from the 'rest of the herd'. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Peter at Clear Sound and mention me (Cos) and that you're from the GuitarChat Thanks
  4. I use the Keeley TS-808 and noticed a difference in the range and quality of the sound, but they're expensive. As has been said, try the JHS Bonsai and you get a choice of all the different ones and I think the Keeley Mod might also be in there. As an alternative, the Nobels ODR-1 is very good and cheap.
  5. I finally got around to plumbing in and trying my Zoom B3 on my board with my overdrives (knocked out the Zoom MS-70CDR and TC Flashback Delay got the purpose of this). It didn't work too well with the overdrives and thinned out the sound a bit but as was said in an earlier post, it sounded good on clean, funky sounds, in particular using something like a Hartke bass amp model and a compressor. Verdict: Sticking with my board and pedals and keeping the B3 for bass duties (or any funk dates or recordings)
  6. I've enjoyed Pete's demos on YT for some time and so I thought I'd pop down to GG tonight for this event and I believe he did one at Peach Guitars last night. It was a great and educational evening and PT was both engaging and entertaining and he comes across as such a good guy. The clinic was really interesting and different in as much as Pete added his guitars to the kind of typical short demo he does for his gear reviews. It was fascinating watching him break things down and explain the process and his approach as well running through his gear and of course, what a player! To be honest, his wonderful signature guitar and amp aside, the stuff he used for recording wasn't that expensive and was based around Logic and a couple of Suhr products, like their Reactive Load and ACE Speaker Simulator. On that score, it was also interesting getting his take on the industry and the decent recording results people can achieve today through these products and home set-ups not to mention how things have changed since the advent of social media for the sort of thing he does and how easy it is to get yourself out there, seen and heard. Let's face it, if it wasn't for his channel and YT presence, would any of us know of him despite the fact that he's played with some big names like Chris Cornell and Don Henley? Peach Guitars have some other ones coming up (Joey Landreth and one with Max Miller & Tom Quayle)
  7. They're actually slightly shorter than Marshall heads and it's the angle. For reference, that's a regular 2x12 cab so you can see they're not filling it across. Their weight is ok-ish and obviously, for them to do what they do in the way that they do it there's some hefty transformers in there and the weights all at one end.
  8. Not really and I just use compression and octaver. I get those from my Roland amp although I sometimes use a Zoom B3 (I sometimes add an exciter, some reverb or an amp model, too) but I've recently purchased an EBS Octabass to replace the octave effect in the Zoom as I think it's weak.
  9. I've not looked back since getting a Divided by 13 JRT 9/15. It's a single channel amp, predominantly clean, but you can crank it into a nice break up. It's got 2 sides to it - 6V6 at 9 watts side and EL84s at 15 watts which makes it ideal for both home playing and gigs, but don't be fooled by the wattage. It's loud enough for live and has enough clean headroom plus it's an excellent pedal platform and so I get all my drives from pedals. You don't see many of them over here and the main users I know of are Rob Harris of Jamiroquai, Shawn Tubbs (Carrie Underwood and numerous product vids), The Eagles, Pete Thorn and McCartney's guitarists. The off white one is my one and the purple one is a mate's, which is up for sale if anyone's interested. The cab is a Tone Tubby 2x12 that has a mixture of ceramic and alnico Tone Tubby speakers (they call it their H Bomb Combo) and it's a fantastic marriage with the head. Now, if I could have the overdriven sounds of a 5150 in there as well, I'd be made up! :)
  10. I use my Zoom MS-70 CDR for fx on guitar but it's faff live and so I'm about to try the Zoom B3 I have for my bass in its place (has 3 preset switches instead of 1). I'm hoping the basic fx, like delay and modulation are similar and so I'll let you know how I get on. On the single pedal front, I recently acquired an EBS Octabass pedal for bass but it works really well on guitar. I've heard their stuff does.
  11. That's another I'd like to visit and I hear great stuff about Doug's customer service :)
  12. Sorry. I forgot to say I had the CAE and I know it's rated but it just did the one thing well. I've not tried the Bonamassa but that is the sort of sound I would go for on the overdriven wah side - cheers
  13. I really struggle with wahs. I need one that does the good, shafty, quacky, funky stuff on cleans - ever heard the intro on Jamiroquai's 'Starchild'? That's it, but I also want a very vocal, Hendrixy/Thin Lizzy Live & Dangerous sound on overdriven sounds with a nice, smooth and decent pedal travel. Finding one that does all this under the same hood has been a journey and I've had Boss, Budda, Dunlop, Fulltone, RMC, and had the loan of a Moolon and Xotic, and both were nice, but just not quite there. Any recommendations, other than getting 2 wahs that do each thing well?
  14. For years, my got-to shop was Chandler Guitars in Kew when Doug, Paula and Charlie were there. They were superb to me. Charlie has since moved to his own shop in Hampton Wick, Charlie Chandlers Guitar Experience (CCGX) and still use him for most of my repair and set up stuff. He's one of the best around and the shop has some good stuff and you get nice used pieces in there. In the last few years, my go-to shop has been Guitar Guitar (Epsom), not only because it's local to me, but I've had excellent service from them and they stock a lot of what I like and need. Alex, their repair guy, is no slouch either and very good (recommended). I also use Andertons from time to time and have had good service from them and like what they stock. Guitar Village in Farnham is a great shop and I call the last 3 shops I've mentioned here 'The Surrey Ring of Guitar Shops' and I believe there may be a few others in the county. Oh, Feline Guitars in Croydon are very good for repairs and their own line of guitars are great. I've yet to get over to Peach Guitars but I have dealt with them on mail order stuff and they're great. Their stock looks interesting and I'm enjoying their current crop of demo vids with Jack and John , plus in the next few months, they're getting in some top drawer players in for guest nights (Pete Thorn, Max Miller & Tom Quayle and Joey Landreth).
  15. Kebabkid


    It's a Suhr Alt T Pro, so a Tele of sorts and very versatile and a recent acquisition
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